A lot of ancient things bear a special kind of warmth and carry unique story behind, connecting the past and the present. Those antiques have lived a life, longer than ours, and they continue their journey passing on the precious gift of the time.

These objects are collected here.

Each item represented on this site is one-of-kind and has its own unique history. The unusualness of the subject, that sharply distinguishes it among other antique things, is for me the main criterion for choosing art objects, which I’m happy to offer you.


This website will be useful for you, if:

 - you would like to buy a unique work of art which can become special for everyone who appreciates uniqueness tested by time;

 - you are interested in art expertise and ways to sell a particular object;

 - you need a confirmation of the authenticity of an artwork;

 - you would like to get a professional advice regarding the object;

 - you are looking for a legal advice regarding the import and the export of works of art;

- you need professional advice regarding purchasing and selling the antiques, especially if their price regularly raise up; and if you are interested  in the market pricing;

- you are looking for something particular, please contact me, and I will find antiques especially for you!